About the Development Team

PBX in a Flash - The Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine

[Nerd Uno+Mary]

Ward Mundy is a retired attorney who spent more than 30 years providing legal and technology assistance to the federal courts in the United States. In addition to being part of the PBX in a Flash Development Team, Mr. Mundy is the author of Nerd Vittles, a weekly technology column on Internet telephony. Mr. Mundy lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, Mary, and his three daughters. He is an avid reader of computer manuals, and his hobbies include beer, wine, and photography. When not wrestling with PBX in a Flash, he spends most of his spare time answering stupid computer questions from neighbors, repairing the family's beach house and being irritated by children in the North Carolina mountains.


[Joe Roper]

Jonathan (Joe) Roper comes from both a commercial and technical background having had a career change from managing commercial business operations to IT, with an emphasis on VoIP telephony and mesh wireless systems. While in his last role as Operations Director for a telecommunications company, Joe built one of the first commercial Locustworld Meshes, and for a while one of the largest in the world, and has since provided technical expertise and structured training courses for both mesh and Asterisk-based telephony for a variety of other operators around the world, including a charitable project in a remote part of Bolivia providing both internet access and telephony across a village. Joe is now The Founder and Managing Director of Concordiax Ltd, (www.concordiax.com) a new company helping other small businesses to deploy and install Asterisk/FreePBX based systems, either for themselves or on a reseller based model through its PBX-Management product. Joe authored the original ISO for PBX-in-a-Flash and is one of the core developers of the product. Additionally, Joe is also the Commercial Director of A2Billing (www.asterisk2billing.org),
an Asterisk based open source soft-switch with billing capabilities and a wealth of other features.


[Joe Roper]

Thomas King is most recently known for his role in co-developing PBX-in-a-Flash having previously provided untiring efforts in fixing unstable versions of other distributions until concluding a more open approach was in order. His first foray into Asterisk had been through his interest as an amateur radio operator. Tom is the past President of a Calgary-based software company involved in complex .NET banking software. He has also taught various subjects at the college level and developed curriculum still in use today. Tom has been involved with computers in all their forms starting on IBM S/360 punch cards in high achool and embracing the power of Unix/Linux since those systems first became available.


[Philippe Lindheimer]

We're also deeply grateful for the contributions of many, many others including the CentOS Development Team, the Asterisk Development Team and the FreePBX Development Team. Without their contributions to the open source community, PBX in a Flash obviously would not exist. And our special thanks to Philippe Lindheimer, the lead developer with the FreePBX Development Team. His frequent counsel has helped immeasureably in moving the PBX in a Flash project forward to where it is today.

Technical contributions from others are always welcomed. Comments and suggestions which advance the cause of simplifying the hurdles that invariably confront those just beginning a new technology project are encouraged.