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In addition to the PBX in a Flash Script Site and Best of Nerd Vittles Site, a number of features can be added to your PBX in a Flash system by logging into your server as root and accessing help-pbx. Here is the current list of available options. At a minimum, run update_scripts and update-fixes regularly to keep your PBX in a Flash system current.

  • config * Set the local time zone and keyboard type
  • netconfig * Configure ethernet interface
  • install-netconfig * Reinstalls netconfig which is deleted by Centos 5.1
  • passwd-master * Fixes fpbx/webmin and sets passwds maint/amp/meetme
  • passwd-maint * Set password for maint - web GUI
  • passwd-amp * Set password for wwwadmin
  • passwd-meetme * Set password for Web MeetMe
  • passwd * Set root password for console login
  • install-ZAPHFC * Install ISDN/RDSI - QuadBRI DuoBRI(edit file)& HFC
  • enable-iptables * Turn on IPTABLES (You need to configure it!)
  • disable-iptables * Turns off IPTABLES (for Freepbx problems)
  • genzaptelconf * Auto-configure Zaptel cards
  • asterisk -vr * Asterisk CLI
  • setup-aastra * Create a aastra.cfg in /tftpboot
  • setup-cisco * Create a SIPDefault.cnf in /tftpboot
  • setup-grandstream * Setup for autoconfiguration of Grandstream
  • setup-linksys * Create Linksys default files in /tftpboot
  • setup-polycom * Create Polycom default files in /tftpboot
  • setup-mail * Configure sendmail
  • setup-tftp * Install and set up tftp server
  • setup-samba * Setup samba windows <> linux file sharing
  • install-a2billing * Set-up A2Billing <> VoIP & TDM billing platform
  • update-source * Updates all of the digium source
  • update-scripts * Updates this screen and installs the latest scripts
  • update-fixes * This fixes minor problems with PIAF until next ver
  • install-key * This lets you generate a new secure server key